Terms And Conditions

All customers of Actually Pressing Records(APR) must agree to the following terms of sales and service. These terms & conditions are binding for the affiliated customer of each shipment/order, invoice, and related document provided by APR. Irrespective of customers signature, electronic acceptance of this form and/or any payment made by the customer to APR indicates the customers full agreement and consent to the terms & conditions, as provided below.

All customers will be given an ID which confirms your order once it's been received. You will use this number when contacting us regarding your project. We will not discuss customer accounts without reference to your ID. This will be based off your Band or Label name, this helps us and you.

Copyright Compliance
APR will make sure that all customers involved have secured the right to use and duplicate sound recordings and images for projects. The customer hereby represents that it owns, controls, or is duly licensed to provide all intellectual property to APR to use in fulfillment of the customer’s order. The customer hereby grants and authorizes APR the right to use all aforementioned intellectual property in fulfillment of the customer’s order. Further, the customer indemnifies and holds APR harmless against any and all claims, suits, liabilities and/or costs incurred as a result of infringement of copyright or claim for royalties related to the customer’s order and/or supplied intellectual property.
Orders will be tested using copyright infringement software. If your source material contains samples of any kind you will be asked to 1) provide your Master and Mechanical licenses and/or permissions from the artist OR 2) edit out the sample OR 3) your order will be rejected. If the order is rejected, you will be billed for a cancellation fee plus any charges incurred to the point of audio testing. So make sure you do your homework!

With Compilation and Split Record projects, featuring more than one artist, you will be required to verify permissions for release. Please email any artist agreements or documents giving you permission to hq@actuallypressingrecords.com after placing your order. It would also be helpful to include your ID in the subject.

Your order will not be processed if you fail to pay your balance. Only U.S. funds are accepted. Upon ordering, payment of 75% of your estimate is due before APR will consider your order complete. If there is a remaining balance, it is due prior to shipping the completed project. Shipping charges, if any, will be included in the final invoice balance. The quantity of goods provided may be plus or minus 10% of the amount ordered. Customer will only be billed for the amount shipped, and will be credited for any charges over the shipped quantity of goods.

CRP accepts checks and all major credit cards. We reserve the right to wait at least 10 business days to allow your check to clear before starting your order. In the event of non-sufficient funds (a bounced check) there will be a $25 fee.

Cancelling an Order
In the event that your order is cancelled for any reason you will be charged a cancellation fee of $50, the cost of returning your source materials, plus any other costs incurred (printing labels etc.) depending on the stage of production the order is in when cancelled.

Past due invoices are subject to a 2% monthly finance charge on the balance, for product storage until the balance is paid in full. In the event of nonpayment of a invoice balance in excess of 90 days, the customers product may be sold by the company without sharing profits with customer or discarded without notification to the customer. If APR is forced to send the customer to collections, the customer agrees to pay all costs of collection incurred by APR.

Turnaround Times
At present the average turn times are between 10 to 12 weeks. These are estimates and can change at anytime without notice, so please contact APR regarding turnaround times before placing your order. APR cannot be held accountable for order delays related to third parties. Pressing will not be scheduled until all project parts have arrived in our warehouse.
We will do our best to adhere to reasonable time frames for production of your record, however there are many factors beyond our control and we cannot guarantee turn times. On average your test pressings will be shipped to you approximately 4-8 weeks after we have received your music. Following approval of tests pressings we average approximately 4 weeks for production time providing we have everything we need (jackets, sleeves, inserts, etc.). The process in total could average 10-12 weeks.

Audio For Mastering
Customer agrees to provide APR with source music via 24 bit WAV, FLAC, AIFF files, or CD Audio Disc. Additional mastering fees may be applicable, however it’s assumed that any masters a customer provides are to customers satisfaction and are vinyl ready.
This means that you should listen to your masters before sending them as once a lacquer gets cut edits to the lacquer can not be made. APR will not be liable for the cost of recutting Lacquers if the audio source provided by customer is not to customers satifaction.

APR can not be held responsible for sound issues created as a result of going beyond suggested time lengths for side durations. If you have concerns please contact us or check out our Resources Page if you want more details.

All Orders are considered COMPLETE if final shipment is within 10% plus or minus the amount ordered.

Due to manufacturing conditions the weight of each record will vary slightly.  Records delivered will be within a plus or minus 10% variance of ordered weight.

All reorders must ordered within 1 year of the original order and be paid in full at the time the order is placed. After one year you may be charged again for new Lacquers and Plating

Title and risk of loss of goods shipped shifts to customer and carrier upon shipment arranged by APR. All shipping costs will be paid by the customer. It is highly recommended that the customer carry some form of insurance that will cover loss/damage of goods in transit, since APR will not add any insurance without instructions to do so. APR will suggest shipping carriers and options to customer for customers approval.


Test Pressings

Split Shipping Charges
Orders shipped to more than two locations are subject to seperate shipping charges. These charges are paid by the customer before project will ship.
APR DOES NOT Ship C.O.D., and we CANNOT ship to PO Boxes.

APR reserves the right to retain copies of vinyl records, print product, or other customer order materials at no cost to the customer for the purpose of providing samples and archiving.

These terms & conditions shall be governed by the State of Washington. Customer agrees to the jurisdiction of the State of Washington for any action and resolution of any disputes.

By electronically clicking “I accept”, I (we) certify that I am (we are) authorized in my (our) capacity to bind my (our) firm for any and all credit privileges that Actually Pressing Records(APR) advances to me (us) as well as to these Terms & Conditions. I (we) agree that all accounts of money due to APR is due and payable in accordance with these Term & Conditions. I (we) hereby expressly agree and understand that our action of typing our names in the order form and clicking “I accept” shall constitute our legal and binding acceptance of all terms and provisions hereof. I (we) hereby agree that the terms and conditions hereon will apply and be binding for each and every order I (we) submit. This is a legally binding agreement and will remain binding until revoked in writing signed by both parties.