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We are ACTUALLY PRESSING RECORDS and so happy to say "Welcome to your new favorite place to have your records pressed"! At APR we know you don't always need 500-1000 units of a release, so we offer quantities as low as 100 pressed records, and have lathe cut (on 180g vinyl) options as well for those needing or wanting small quantities. Don't be mislead, we also do large volume pressings (up to 100,000). So regardless of what your project requires, we can get them done for you, and at a good price.

APR offers DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CARDS that can be included with your pressing or you can even just order them to hand out or sell at your shows by themselves. We handle every aspect of your order so you don't have to run around coordinating your mastering, and getting artwork printed. We do it all. Our pricing is simple so feel free to use the calculator below to get an idea of what your order will cost, and it can help you decide what you want for your project too! Then check out our SPECIALS and PACKAGES page to score some deals! If you want one of those packages, you can place your order right from that link. Once we receive the deposit payment, we will contact you for all the details, art files, and audio files, to get your project rolling as fast as possible. Black and Single Color orders have a turn time of 4-6 weeks, and Marbled or Splatter orders are running 6-9 weeks. Thanks and we look forward to working with you soon!!


Yeah, audio cassettes are gaining popularity with music fans and people that dig the analog experience. APR loves cassettes and so we encourage all bands and labels to really consider including a cassette version of their releases everytime. It's fairly low cost, takes up little space and they have a descent retail profit margin at the merch booth! You can get into the packaging as well. Turn time for cassettes is 14-21 days or less, depending on the project. Yes we offer DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CARDS and STICKERS for cassettes as well. It seems to help sell people on the fence regarding cassettes. APR has several SPECIALS and PACKAGES that include FREE cassettes with your VINYL orders so check out our SPECIALS and PACKAGES to see all the options. Maybe you'll find a perfect fit, in which case you can order that package/special right there. Then APR will be in touch to get everything rolling along so you don't have to think about it!!

Want To Offer Downloads?

We have you covered. Add them to your vinyl, cassettes, product you already have manufactured, add stickers to your shirts and other merch, or even just sell them by themselves. Let us help you out!